Is it worth buying a cot bed?

Is it worth buying a cot bed?

Embarking on the exciting journey of preparing for your new arrival can be a whirlwind of emotions and decisions. One of the pivotal choices you'll make is selecting the ideal cot or cot bed to put your baby to sleep in. This decision, though crucial, can also be a delightful adventure when armed with the right information. Join us as we explore five key factors to consider, ensuring that your little one's sleeping space is both safe and sensational! Most newborns will go straight into a moses basket as lets face it, newborns 'should' sleep alot and you don't want to be lugging anything up and down stairs all day! Bedside cribs are also great for newborns at night time and can be attached to the parents bed for safety!


  1. Cot or Cot Bed: Size Matters! When it comes to choosing between a cot and cot bed, it's not just about the size of the nursery, but also about future-proofing your investment. Will you need the cotbed to turn into a single bed later down the line when your baby becomes a toddler? The cot / crib, measuring approximately 124 x 64cm, is a space-savvy choice for snug nurseries. However, if you have room to spare, the cot bed at 145 x 75cm offers versatility and longevity, accommodating your little dreamer until the age of 4 or 5!
  2. Extending the Dream: Required Lifespan of Cot While a standard cot is perfect for your tiny tot up until around age 2, a cot bed can be their cozy sanctuary until they're 4 or 5! Some cot beds even transform into enchanting day beds, adding an extra sprinkle of magic to your nursery's fairy tale while your little one falls asleep.

  3. Adjustable Mattress Heights: A Back-Saving Blessing! Imagine effortlessly lifting your bundle of joy in and out of their cot with ease! Adjustable base heights are a game-changer, especially before your little acrobat masters the art of pulling up. Bid farewell to backaches and say hello to convenience! 

  4. Teething Rail: A Sip of Safety and Style! Little explorers can't resist a nibble on their cot's edges, but fear not! Non-toxic teething rails not only preserve the aesthetic charm of your cot bed but also shield delicate gums and tiny teeth from any unwanted encounters with paint or varnish.

  5. Safety First: Complying with British Safety Standards Nothing puts a parent's mind at ease like knowing their baby's sleeping space is safe. Ensure your cot or cot bed complies with the esteemed British Safety Standards (BS EN 716-1 & 2:2008 and BS 8509: 2008). Properly spaced cot bars (between 2.5cm and 6.5cm) without cutouts or steps are the golden rule!

  6. On-the-Go Convenience: Maneuverability Magic! Life with a little one is full of surprises, including those moments when you need to relocate their cot in a jiffy (think midnight clean-ups!). Consider the weight of the cot and the ease of movement. Castors on cot legs can be your secret weapon in swift cot manoeuvres!

Conclusion: Selecting the perfect cot or cot bed is a thrilling step on your journey to creating a dreamy nursery. By considering size, lifespan, adjustability, safety, and maneuverability, you're ensuring that your little one's sleeping space is both functional and fantastic. Now, armed with these tips, go forth and make your nursery a haven of sweet dreams! Happy cot hunting!

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