Molly-Mae acrylic cot bed for daughter Bambi trending

Molly-Mae acrylic cot bed for daughter Bambi trending

Oh, the enchanting world of love island star Molly-Mae Hague, a trendsetter from her very first Love Island appearance! An Instagram luminary before her Casa Amor debut, she's proven herself a maestro at igniting trends that set our search engines ablaze. From pregnancy revelations with partner Tommy Fury to sharing her hospital bag essentials and beloved baby products, fans eagerly lap up every ounce of her iconic, albeit opulent, style.

With the arrival of their precious Bambi, Molly-Mae and Tommy have once again piqued our collective curiosity (and it's not just about the darling name, though we find it utterly endearing). This time, they have us embarking on a quest for none other than... drumroll, please... see-through cot beds!

Are see through Acrylic cot beds new?

Now, let's not forget, these acrylic cribs aren't entirely new to the celebrity scene; both Kim and Khloe Kardashian have previously embraced them for their own bundles of joy. However, it's Molly-Mae who's reigniting the fascination, catapulting these transparent marvels back into the limelight. We predict that see-through cot beds are destined to be the 'it' baby trend of 2023!

You might wonder, where can one procure new mum, Molly-Mae's ethereal crib? While we can't be certain hers isn't a bespoke creation, we've unearthed a gem that bears a striking resemblance. Behold, the Kimi Acrylic Cot Bed, available at Harlison. Crafted from a durable, sustainable material that mimics glass, it seamlessly blends into any nursery. Fashioned from 100% recyclable, non-toxic acrylic, it boasts three adjustable mattress levels and the ability to transform into a toddler bed.

It's safe to say that acrylic cot beds and their translucent allure are poised to dominate the nursery scene this year. While the market may not be flooded with options just yet, we've tracked down some worthy contenders to grant your nursery that ethereal touch. Keep scrolling for expert insights on acrylic cots, ensuring you're equipped with all the essential knowledge.

Is there a cheaper version of clear acrylic cot than the one Molly-Mae brought for Bambi for 8k?

And now, behold our curated selection of see-through crib options, each a testament to merging 18th-century charm with 21st-century sophistication. The Kimi Acrylic Cot Bed, a masterpiece of clear acrylic, effortlessly harmonizes with any space, granting you an unobstructed view of your slumbering cherub.

What alternatives to an acrylic cot bed are there on the market?

For those who prefer an alternative to acrylic,such as wooden cots, consider the Stamford Sleigh Cot Bed. The Luxe cot bed can adapt to suit every stage of your little one’s early development. Starting as a cot, the Luxe features adjustable mattress heights; the top position allowing parents to put down their new-born without unnecessary bending and as your baby learns to sit and stand, the base can be lowered by two further positions to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times while the presence of a teething rail helps to protect their delicate first teeth.

Last but not least, the Velvet Deluxe Cot Bed! Luxurious soft touch velvet fabric and timeless white finish, diamante tufted upholstery makes a great statement. This beautiful and distinctive model fit effortlessly into any surrounding. Water resistance fabric with wipe clean for easy maintenance. Generous 5cm thickness of solid wood structure ensure its robust and last for years.

So there you have it, a comprehensive exploration of the mesmerizing world of acrylic cot beds, ushered in by none other than the trendsetting Molly-Mae Hague. Get ready to welcome a touch of translucent magic into your nursery!

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