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Venicci Premium Pocket Spring Mattress

Venicci Premium Pocket Spring Mattress

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The pocket springs move independently of one another giving the mattress a greater ability to contour to the baby`s shape, this means that over the lifespan of a pocket spring mattress the postural support provided is constantly changing & adapting to the child`s new shape and weight distribution

Product Information

- Eco Fibrenever discolors & is totally odourfree

- Perfect Airflow helps the mattress breath, which in turn creates less bacteria growth

- Pocket Springs in separate pockets effectively separate the feeling of movement, allowing your Baby to have a quiet night sleep

- Pocket springs are considered a superior choice to the mini bonnellsprings, each spring within the pocket spring mattress is sealed in its own individual self-contained pocket

- MicrofibreQuilted Removable Padded Hypoallergenic & washable cover (60 Degrees)

- Spring Lock Zip to make the mattress compliant with the standard BS EN 16890

- Cot Bed Pocket Spring Coil count –162 Individual Pocket Coils

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