Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture for Your New Arrival

Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture for Your New Arrival

Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture for Your New Arrival

Welcome to our collection of classic white oak nursery furniture, perfect for welcoming your new arrival in style. Our furniture offers timeless elegance that will grow and evolve with your child, creating a beautiful and functional space for them to sleep, play and learn.

Our range includes a variety of pieces, from cot beds to changers, dressers and wardrobes. Each piece is crafted from the finest quality white oak and finished to perfection, ensuring that it is not only stylish but also practical and durable.

At Harlison Luxe Baby, we believe that every new arrival deserves the best, and our classic white oak nursery furniture is no exception. So why not take a closer look at our range today and discover the perfect pieces for your little one's nursery?

Key Takeaways

  • Our classic white oak nursery furniture offers timeless elegance for your new arrival
  • Our range includes a variety of pieces, from cot beds to changers, dressers and wardrobes
  • Each piece is crafted from the finest quality white oak and finished to perfection
  • Our furniture is not only stylish but also practical and durable
  • Create a beautiful and functional space for your little one to sleep, play and learn with our classic white oak nursery furniture

Create a Stylish Nursery with our Classic White Oak Furniture

When it comes to creating the perfect nursery, we know that every piece of furniture is important. That's why we offer a stunning range of classic white oak nursery furniture that exudes timeless elegance. Our pieces are not only beautiful, but also practical and versatile, ensuring that they are perfect for your growing child.

Our 2 piece nursery furniture sets are the perfect starting point. They includes a cot bed, which is suitable from birth and can be converted into a toddler bed when your little one grows. The adjustable mattress height allows you to adapt the cot as your child grows, and the soft closing feature ensures that your baby sleeps undisturbed. The sets also include a spacious chest of drawers with plenty of storage space for all your newborn's clothes and essentials.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution, our 3 piece room sets are perfect. In addition to the cot bed and chest of drawers, they also includea a practical changing area and a wardrobe with plenty of storage space. The cot bed, which is designed to last and meets British safety standards BS EN 716 and BS EN 8509, can be easily converted into a junior bed with storage drawer when your child has grown.

All of our nursery furniture pieces are designed with your child's growth in mind. Our adjustable cot beds and chest of drawers with hanging rail can be adapted as your little one starts to sit and then stand; while the spacious wardrobe is perfect for storing everything your child needs. The changing area on the chest of drawers can be easily removed when it's no longer needed.

Don't just take our word for it - read what people have to say about our classic white oak nursery furniture. Our customer reviews are full of detail about how our furniture has helped them create the perfect nursery for their baby. From the adjustable mattress base positions to the practical changing area, our customers love how our nursery furniture grows with their child.

Practical Features and Versatility for your Growing Child

When it comes to investing in nursery furniture for your little one, practicality is just as important as style. That's why our classic white oak furniture is designed with features that grow with your child, making it a smart choice for parents.

One of the key features of our furniture is its adjustability. Our cot bed has an adjustable mattress height, which means you can lower it as your baby grows and begins to sit up or stand. The cot bed can then be converted into a toddler bed, which provides a familiar sleeping space for your child and helps ease the transition from cot to bed. The cot bed also comes with a storage drawer underneath for added convenience.

The changer and dresser in our 2-piece nursery furniture set also have practical features. The changer has a soft closing mechanism for safety and a practical changing area with plenty of storage space for nappies and wipes. The dresser has a spacious chest of drawers with a rail and a removable changing top, which makes it suitable from birth to junior years. The drawers have sturdy handles and offer ample storage space, making them a space-saving storage solution for your little one's clothes and essentials.

In addition to its practical features, our classic white oak furniture also boasts timeless elegance and versatility. The furniture is suitable for both newborns and infants, and its clean and modern design will complement any nursery room décor. Plus, since it's designed to last, it can easily be converted and used even after your child has grown out of a cot or changer.

So why not invest in furniture that grows with your child and offers practical features while still remaining stylish? Check out our collection today!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

With our classic white oak furniture nursery, we take pride in offering timeless elegance and practicality for your little one's room. But don't just take our word for it - read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"The detail and craftsmanship of the drawer handles are beautiful and add an extra touch of elegance to the nursery. The 2 piece nursery furniture set we purchased has plenty of storage space for all of baby's things, and the cot bed is suitable from birth with adjustable mattress height to grow with our child. We especially love the removable changing top on the dresser, making it a practical changing area that can easily be converted into a stylish chest of drawers with plenty of storage space for when our child has grown."

Louise Johnson - Stella White 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set Customer

Our 3 piece room sets contain a full nursery chest of drawers, includes the cot bed, and a spacious double wardrobe with hanging rail. Designed to last, the furniture is tested to BS EN 716 and BS EN 8509 safety standards. And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free return policy within 14 days - simply remove all packaging and return the item in its original condition for a full refund.

"The chest changer and wardrobe in the 3 piece room set are a great addition to our baby's room, with plenty of storage space to keep everything organized. The cot bed has adjustable mattress base positions, making it easy to find the ideal height for our son. It's also great to know that the furniture can still be used as a toddler bed with a handy storage drawer once our child has grown."

Serena Edwards - White Oak 3 Piece Nursery Room Set Customer


What is the Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture collection?

The Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture collections are a range of timeless and elegant nursery furniture pieces made from white oak.

What furniture pieces are included in the Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture collection?

The collection includes a cot bed, changer, dresser, and wardrobe, which can be purchased individually or as a complete room set.

Does the furniture grow with your child?

Yes, the furniture features adjustable features such as an adjustable mattress height and a practical changing area, ensuring it can adapt as your child grows.

Is there plenty of storage space in the furniture?

Absolutely! The furniture pieces in the Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture collection offer ample storage space, including drawers and shelves, to keep your little one's essentials organized.

Can the cot bed be converted into a toddler bed?

Yes, the cot bed can easily be converted into a toddler bed when your child is ready to transition from a crib.

Is the furniture suitable from birth?

Yes, the furniture in the Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture collection is designed to be suitable for newborns and infants.

Is the furniture sturdy and durable?

Absolutely! The furniture is made from high-quality white oak and is designed to last throughout your child's early years.

What do customers say about the Classic White Oak Nursery Furniture?

Our customers have praised the attention to detail, the ample storage space, and the modern white oak design of the furniture. Read what people have to say about our products.

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