Collection: Bentley Trikes

Discover the pinnacle of sophistication with our Luxury Bentley Trikes - where unparalleled craftsmanship meets exquisite design, offering an elite riding experience for the discerning child. Our Bentley Tricycle range is offered in a variety of beautiful colours

Elevate your child's outdoor adventures with our luxurious collection of Bentley trikes, where sophistication meets fun. The Bentley 6 in 1 trike, a masterpiece of design and functionality, adapts to your growing child's needs, transitioning seamlessly from a stroller to a toddler tricycle, ensuring years of enjoyment. Each Bentley tricycle is engineered with precision, reflecting the iconic Bentley craftsmanship, and offers a smooth, safe ride for your little one. For families on the go, our folding Bentley trike combines convenience with elegance, easily collapsible for transport or storage without compromising on style. Designed for children ready to explore the world, our toddler tricycle fosters independence and confidence in young riders. The children's trike range brings a touch of luxury to every ride, making it more than just a trip around the park. The Bentley 6 in 1 stroller trike stands out by offering a multifunctional design that grows with your child, embodying the perfect blend of high-end style, safety, and practicality. Discover the joy of journeying together with a trike that's as exceptional as your child, ensuring memorable experiences with every turn.

Bentley Trike FAQ's

Does the Bentley stroller fold?

Yes, the Bentley 6 in 1 stroller trike is designed with convenience in mind and includes a folding feature for easy transport and storage, making it an ideal choice for families on the move. This functionality ensures that the stroller trike can be easily carried in the trunk of a car or stored in tight spaces when not in use.

What age is the Bentley trike for?

The Bentley Trike is designed to grow with your child, typically suitable for ages 6 months to 5 years. It transitions from a stroller to a tricycle, adapting to your child's developmental stages with adjustable and removable parts to fit their changing needs and skills.

How much does a Bentley trike weigh?

The Bentley 6 in 1 Trike typically weighs around 28 pounds (approximately 12.7 kilograms). This weight ensures it is sturdy enough for safety and durability while still being manageable for transportation and adjustments as it converts through its various stages to accommodate growing children.

Are stroller trikes worth it?

Stroller trikes are worth considering for several reasons, offering a unique combination of functionality, longevity, and developmental benefits:

  1. Versatility: They transition from a parent-controlled stroller to an independent trike, adapting to your child's growing abilities and independence.
  2. Longevity: Designed to grow with your child, they can be used from about 6 months to 5 years of age, making them a cost-effective choice over time.
  3. Developmental Benefits: They support motor skills development, balance, and coordination as children learn to pedal and steer on their own.
  4. Outdoor Fun: They encourage outdoor activity, providing a fun way for your child to explore their surroundings and enjoy time outside.
  5. Convenience: Many models, like the Bentley 6 in 1 Trike, offer features such as folding mechanisms for easy transport and storage, adding to their appeal for families on the go.

While stroller trikes can be a significant investment, their benefits in terms of adaptability, use duration, and the enjoyment they offer to both parents and children often justify the cost.