Discover the Luxury Ride: Bentley Trike Unveiled

Discover the Luxury Ride: Bentley Trike Unveiled

Discover the Luxury Ride: Bentley Trike Unveiled

Are you ready to introduce your little one to the world of luxury with the perfect ride? Look no further than the Bentley Tricycle, designed with elegance and function in mind through the collaboration of Bentley motors. This 6-in-1 trike grows with your child from 12 months to 5 years, offering a convertible and rotating seat, safety features, comfortable seating, and personalisation options. Let's explore the features that make the Bentley Stroller stand out as the ultimate choice for a stylish and comfortable ride for your little adventurer.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bentley Trike offers a luxurious and functional ride for children aged 2 years to 5 years.
  • Designed in collaboration with Bentley motors, the trike showcases impeccable British elegance and attention to detail.
  • The 6-in-1 design allows the trike to grow with your child, with features such as a convertible and rotating seat.
  • The trike includes safety features and personalisation options for a comfortable and uniquely tailored ride.
  • The Bentley Trike offers the iconic Bentley design and transformation capability that make it stand out from the crowd.

The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Function: Bentley Trike Features

The Bentley Trike is an exceptional quality tricycle, designed with the needs of your little one in mind. This elegant tricycle has an adjustable and detachable push handle that makes it easy for you to control the ride, ensuring that your baby stroller is safe and secure. The handlebar is also adjustable to make it comfortable for parents to push along.

It features a rotatable seat that allows for easy access and the ability to interact with your little one, making it a perfect combination of elegance and function. The trike is equipped with a free-wheel function that allows your child to pedal without the pedals rotating, ensuring maximum safety.

The white sand footrest is ergonomic, allowing your child to comfortably rest their feet. The rotating seat also offers six adjustable modes, which means that the tricycle grows with your child and allows them to use it from 1 year to 5 years. The tricycle is designed with a pedal that has an elegant chrome emblem, and a safety guard to ensure that your child does not get their fingers trapped.

The canopy is made from white satin and is adjustable to provide shade on sunny days. The sun canopy is rotatable, enabling your little one to be comfortably shaded at all times. The hood of the trike is perfect for the changing weather conditions and can be adjusted or removed entirely.

Features Description
Rotatable rear brake The trike is equipped with a rear brake that allows for quick and easy stopping and ensures maximum safety.
Swivel and rotating seat The trike's rotating seat allows for easy access, while the swivel function ensures that your child is always facing forward.
Recline feature The tricycle has a recline feature that allows your child to rest comfortably when they get tired.
Chrome Bentley emblem The tricycle has an elegant chrome emblem that adds to its luxurious look and feel.
5-point safety guard The 5-point safety guard ensures that your child is safely secured in the trike at all times.
Transformation capability The trike has a transformation capability that allows it to be used as a stroller, tricycle, or balance bike, ensuring maximum functionality for your little one.
Cushion and centre cap options for personalisation The cushion and centre cap options allow you to personalise your baby stroller to your liking, making it unique and special for your little one.

The Bentley Trike is the perfect combination of elegance and function, offering your child a comfortable and stylish ride that grows with them. From the adjustable and detachable push handle to the rotating seat, safety features, transformation capability, and personalisation options, this tricycle is a top choice for parents looking for a safe, comfortable, and luxurious ride for their child.

Designed by Bentley: The Inspiration Behind the Bentley Trike

The Bentley Trike is the epitome of luxury and style for your little ones, designed by the prestigious Bentley Motor Company. Available in a range of stunning colours, including onyx, dragon red, spruce, sequin blue, fuchsia, and jetstream, the Bentley Trike follows the design of the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner, ensuring that your child rides in ultimate comfort and elegance.

The Bentley Trike is designed to seat your kids from 6 months old upwards of 5 years old, available in spruce, with the iconic Bentley chrome emblem and a cross-stitched Bentley emblem found on the Continental GT. This tricycle is the perfect combination of style and function, comfortably seating your little ones while keeping them safe and secure.

The Design of the Bentley Continental

The Bentley Trike is inspired by the design of the Bentley Continental GT, featuring a rotating seat and innovative transformation capability. The emblem found on the Continental GT is also present on the Bentley Trike, showcasing the world-famous luxury and attention to detail that Bentley is renowned for.

The design of the Bentley Trike has been carefully crafted to provide the utmost comfort for kids that are ready to start their journey on wheels, from months to 5 years old. With a trike that will comfortably seat your little one, the Bentley Trike is the ideal choice for parents looking for a stylish and functional mode of transportation for their children.

Innovative Transformation Capability

The Bentley Trike's transformation capability is a testament to the design and engineering expertise of the Bentley Motor Company. Its six adjustable modes, including a baby stroller and free wheel, make the trike versatile and suitable for your child's growth. It also features a rotatable seat, recline function, sun canopy, and safety guard with a 5-point harness, ensuring that your child is safe and secure.

Personalise Your Bentley Trike

Personalisation is a hallmark of the Bentley brand, and the Bentley Trike is no exception. It offers a cushion and centre cap option, allowing you to customise your child's trike in a style that reflects your taste and personality.

The Bentley Trike is the perfect marriage of elegance and function, designed by Bentley to offer a luxurious ride for your little one. With its iconic design, innovative transformation capability, and personalisation options, the Bentley Trike is the ultimate choice to accompany your child's growth from 2 years to 5 years.


If you are in search of a luxury ride for your little one, look no further than the Bentley Trike. This 6-in-1 trike was designed with impeccable British elegance and function in mind, in collaboration with the renowned Bentley motors and Mulliner. From the early stages of your child's development with the Bentley balance bike, to the trike's transformation capability that grows with your child from 2 years to 5 years, the Bentley Trike truly stands out as a top choice.

The convertible and rotating seat, safety features, comfortable seating, and personalisation options, as well as the iconic Bentley emblem, all contribute to the trike's unique and stylish design. The cross-stitched Bentley emblem found on the Continental GT adds an extra touch of luxury to the trike's overall aesthetic.

Overall, the Bentley Trike combines elegance and function to provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable ride for your little one. Personalise it to suit your child's preferences and let them explore the world in style with this iconic piece of British design and engineering.


What age range is the Bentley Trike suitable for?

The Bentley Trike is designed for children aged 1 years to 5 years.

Is the seat of the Bentley Trike adjustable?

Yes, the seat of the Bentley Trike is convertible and can rotate to accommodate your child's comfort.

Does the Bentley Trike come with the iconic Bentley emblem?

Yes, the Bentley Trike features the iconic Bentley emblem, adding a touch of luxury to the design.

Are there safety features included in the Bentley Trike?

Absolutely! The Bentley Trike is equipped with safety features such as a rear brake and a 5-point safety guard.

Can I personalize the Bentley Trike?

Yes, the Bentley Trike offers personalization options such as cushion and center cap choices.

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