How much should you spend on nursery furniture set?

How much should you spend on nursery furniture set?

Expectant parents, brace yourselves for the thrilling adventure of creating the ultimate baby nursery for your precious bundle of joy! Each carefully selected piece of furniture is a heartfelt testament to the boundless love you already hold for your little one. And let's not forget the delightful accessories that transform the room into a magical haven for your tiny tot. It's a joyous pursuit, no doubt!

However, it's a common pitfall to become enraptured by the aesthetics of the nursery, occasionally overshadowing the paramount concerns of functionality and safety. Imagine, in the midst of this excitement, amassing a collection of furniture that stands idly by as your little sprout blossoms and barely takes notice. But what if, dear reader, you could have it all? Fear not, for we are about to embark on a grand journey together, exploring the realm of nursery furniture costs and unveiling the secrets to crafting a spectacular nursery without emptying your coffers. Let the expedition commence!

Behold, our Table of Contents, a roadmap to navigate this splendid odyssey:

  1. The Essentials: What Furniture Does a Nursery Truly Need?
  2. Striking a Balance: How Much is Too Much?
  3. Thrifty Triumphs: Mastering the Art of Saving on Nursery Furniture
  4. Onward, Adventurers!

Ah, the question that plagues all burgeoning parents: What furniture does a nursery truly necessitate? The siren call of a changing table beckons, and who could resist? A dedicated space for those precious moments of pampering and nappy changing seems indispensable. Yet, let us pause and ponder. Could a simple changing mat suffice? Indeed, it grants you the freedom to change your cherub anywhere in their realm.

Nursery Furniture

The Cot! A sanctuary for slumber, where newborns wile away up to a staggering 17 hours a day. Choosing the perfect crib requires discerning eyes. Consider its visibility, providing an unobstructed view through the lens of a baby camera. Sturdiness is paramount, ensuring it cradles your growing bundle safely. Opt for an adjustable mattress to cradle your precious one in snug comfort. Prices range from the humble £100 to the opulent £1000, with most quality options nestling between £200 and £500. Conduct thorough research, for in the realm of cribs, treasures await those who seek diligently. Also consider you want your cot bed to turn into a single bed when your little one enters toddler stage? 

Next, the Nursing Chair! A haven for feeding, as your newborn demands nourishment with an almost hourly fervor. Picture yourself, nestled in the embrace of a chair that cradles you in blissful comfort, gently swaying back and forth, legs at ease. These chairs, a chorus of options ranging from £100 to £800, may, alas, be confined to their role in nursing alone. But lo, consider the wisdom of a rocking chair with full extension! A timeless companion, still treasured long after the nursing days have passed. A lot of nursing chairs nowadays can be converted from a rocker to a chair for everyday use too!

Nursing chair for baby nursery

Enter the Chest of Drawers and Dressers, stalwart guardians of your little one's wardrobe. For, as we know, tiny humans possess an array of attire, necessitating changes up to thrice daily. These storage marvels house an ensemble of clothes and daily essentials, including bibs in their capacious bosom. Seek one with a spacious summit and an optimal elevation, transforming it into a versatile changing station. Thus, you circumvent the need for a dedicated changing table and save precious resources. Prices vary, with drawers ranging from a modest £100 to £400, while dressers command a heartier investment of £1000 to £2000. Ponder well, for the right choice promises both utility and longevity.

Nursery Furniture sets have been created by many manufacturers to include for a cot / cotbed, chest of drawers and a wardrobe therefore everything you need as a new parent in terms of nursery furniture! Some also include for a nursing chair plus more as part of their packages. Many of those packages can be found on Harlison

Cost of furnishing a nursery?

Whether you have lots to spend or are on a tight budget, the key elements to a baby nursery are detailed above. Of course, there are places such as Ikea to visit and compare the nursery furnishings there or as many people are doing nowadays.. shopping online! Furniture sets can be ordered for delivery within a couple of days most of the time and you will expect to spend anything between £1000 - £3000 for the complete nursery set.

And there you have it, a trio of nursery essentials, each a cornerstone in crafting the perfect sanctuary for your little one. Stay tuned for further revelations, as we delve deeper into the wondrous world of baby furniture, uncovering the secrets to striking the perfect balance between opulence and prudence!

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