Adorable Baby Nursery Furniture UK: For Your Little One's Room

Adorable Baby Nursery Furniture UK: For Your Little One's Room

Adorable Baby Nursery Furniture UK: For Your Little One's Room

At Harlison Luxe Baby, we understand the importance of creating a peaceful and enchanting space for your little one. That's why we offer a delightful range of baby nursery furniture in the UK, carefully curated to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide stylish and functional furniture that will grow with your child and stand the test of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our baby nursery furniture collection in the UK is carefully curated to meet your needs.
  • We offer stylish and functional furniture that will grow with your child.
  • We understand the importance of creating a peaceful and enchanting space for your little one.
  • Our goal is to provide high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time.
  • Choose from a range of baby nursery furniture sets, including cots, dressers, and wardrobes.

Browse Our Stylish Range of Baby Nursery Furniture Sets

Welcome to our stunning range of baby nursery furniture data-mce-fragment="1"> sets, designed to create the perfect space for your little one to grow and play. At our online shop, you'll find a vast collection of stylish and practical options that cater to all your needs. From cots and cot beds to dressers, wardrobes, and more, we have something for every taste and budget.

Our collection of nursery furniture sets are available in various styles, sizes, and colours. You can browse our extensive range online and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders. Whether you're looking for a 3-piece, 2-piece nursery set or a single item, we've got you covered.

Product Description Price
Evie Cot Bed Converts into a toddler bed with three mattress base positions £250.00
Maya 3-Piece Nursery Set Includes a cot bed, dresser, and wardrobe in a beautiful oak finish £880.00
Noah Pod Moses Basket Comes with a comfortable mattress and a removable cover £139.99
Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair The solid wooden frame provides long lasting support while the deep foam seat and back cushioning envelopes you, £350.00

In addition to our collection of nursery furniture sets, we offer a range of essential accessories such as mattresses, cot tops, and luxury clothing. You can also find nursing chairs, feeding and changing units, and chest of drawers that match your nursery furniture set.

Our stylish sets are available in various finishes, including wooden and grey designs. All our furniture is built to last and is suitable for newborn babies through to toddlers. Our selection includes top brands, such as Obaby and Babymore, ensuring the highest quality for your little one's room.

If you need your baby furniture set as soon as possible, we offer next day delivery for selected items. We also have an expert team on hand to offer advice and assistance in selecting the perfect nursery set for your little one's bedroom.

So why wait? Browse our collection of baby nursery furniture sets now and create a stunning space for your little one to thrive in. With free UK delivery and a vast range of options, we're confident you'll find everything you need to make your baby's room perfect.

Create the Perfect Nursery with our High-Quality Furniture Collection

At Harlison, we believe in providing the highest quality furniture for your little one's nursery. With our stunning collection of nursery furniture sets, you'll be able to put together a modern nursery that will stun both you and your kids. Whether you're a first-time parent or you've been through it before, we've got everything you need to create the perfect nursery. From cots to changing units, our range of nursery furniture is built to last and suitable for years to come.

Our expert team is always available to provide you with advice and guidance on selecting the right products, whether you need help choosing the perfect car seat or coordinating your nursery décor. We understand that feeding and caring for your baby is a top priority, so we stock everything you need to make those moments easier and more comfortable.

Award-Winning Collection of High-Quality Nursery Furniture

We're proud to offer an award-winning range of high-quality nursery furniture in the UK. Our furniture is carefully crafted to meet your baby's needs, from the removable and functional bases to the easy assembly with a screwdriver. We understand that safety and practicality are paramount, which is why all our furniture sets are designed to be suitable for your little one.

Everything You Need Stylish and Functional Built to Last
We stock everything you need to create the perfect nursery, from cots to wardrobes, and everything in between. Our stylish nursery furniture is designed to complement your home's décor while providing practical features for your convenience. Our furniture sets are built to last, ensuring years of use for your growing toddler.

You can trust our stunning collection of nursery furniture sets to create a nursery that belongs to your little one. Our wooden nursery furniture sets are finished to the highest standard, ensuring that your furniture will look as good in years to come as the day you bought it. With next day delivery available, you can enjoy your stunning nursery sooner rather than later.

Shop our range of high-quality nursery furniture sets today and create the perfect space for your little one!

Create the Perfect Nursery with our High-Quality Furniture Collection

At our company, we understand the importance of creating the perfect environment for your little one. That's why we've put together a stunning collection of high-quality nursery furniture sets to suit all tastes and styles.

Our furniture range includes everything you need to make your baby's room both stylish and functional. From feeding chairs to changing units, our range includes it all.

Stylish and Built to Last

Our furniture collection is designed to stun and built to last. From wooden finishes to modern nursery essentials, you'll find everything you need to create a stylish and functional space that your little one will love. All of our furniture pieces are suitable for either a baby boy or girl and are available in a range of colours.

Our range of furniture sets are perfect for those wanting to put together a stylish toddler room. We have furniture options for every stage of your child's development, so you can rest assured that your investment will be enjoyed for years to come.

Expert Advice and Easy Assembly

Our team of expert advisors is here to help you find the perfect furniture set for your baby's room. We can assist with everything from choosing the right car seat to selecting the perfect nursery decor. Our award-winning collection of furniture sets has everything you need to create a functional, comfortable, and safe space for your little one.

Assembling our nursery furniture is easy, with removable bases and easy-to-use screwdrivers. All of our furniture pieces come with clear instructions and everything you need for a quick and straightforward assembly process.

Free UK Delivery

Take advantage of our free UK delivery service when you shop our range of nursery furniture sets. You can enjoy the convenience of next-day delivery on some orders placed before 11 am. Our service is reliable, and our delivery team will ensure that your furniture arrives safely and securely.

Choose our collection of nursery furniture sets and create a space that truly belongs to your little one. Shop with us today and discover our range of high-quality furniture that's designed to make your baby's room both functional and beautiful.


Can I customize the nursery furniture sets?

Yes, we offer customization options for our nursery furniture sets. Please contact our customer service team to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer assembly services?

Yes, we offer assembly services for an additional fee. Please contact our customer service team to arrange assembly.

What is the delivery time for nursery furniture sets?

Our delivery time for nursery furniture sets is usually within 3-5 working days. However, please note that this may vary depending on your location and the availability of the products.

What is your return policy for nursery furniture?

We have a 14-day return policy for nursery furniture. Please refer to our Returns and Refunds page for more information.

Can I buy individual pieces of nursery furniture instead of a set?

Yes, you can purchase individual pieces of nursery furniture from our collection. Simply browse our website and select the items you need.

What safety standards do your nursery furniture sets meet?

Our nursery furniture sets meet the highest safety standards and comply with British regulations. We prioritize the safety of your child and ensure our products are rigorously tested.

Do you offer financing options for nursery furniture?

Yes, we offer financing options for nursery furniture. Please contact our customer service team to discuss the available financing options.

Can I choose the colour of the nursery furniture?

Yes, our nursery furniture sets are available in a variety of colours. You can choose the colour that best suits your nursery decor.

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