Kids House Bed: Perfect Cosy Bedroom Upgrade

Kids House Bed: Perfect Cosy Bedroom Upgrade

We at Harlison Luxe Baby treasure the magic of childhood and understand the importance of crafting a nurturing environment for your little ones. That’s why we're thrilled to present to our UK customers a charming and unique range of children's house beds that embody the perfect blend of fun and cosiness. A toddler house bed is not merely a piece of bedroom furniture; it's a slice of enchantment in your child's life, providing them with a cosy nook for dreaming big and playing freely.

Our carefully curated collection, including beds suitable for toddlers and older children, ensures that finding a bed for kids that they will utterly adore becomes a simple and joyous process. Balancing comfort, safety, and impeccable style, these kids' beds are designed to harmonise with your children's bedroom decor and come complete with the practical perk of free UK delivery. Unveil a world of imagination and invite your child to explore our unique range—they're sure to find a child's house bed that they will love and cherish.

A child's house bed surrounded by soft, fluffy pillows in a cosy bedroom filled with warm, inviting colours and soft lighting. The bed is the centrepiece of the room, with its unique design featuring a roof and windows to create the illusion of a real house. The bed is made of sturdy wood and painted in a cheerful, bright colour to match the rest of the room's décor. The pillows and bedding are arranged in a way that invites children to snuggle up inside and read their favourite books or watch their favourite movies on a tablet or TV screen. The room has a playful, imaginative feel that encourages children to explore and play, while also providing a peaceful, relaxing environment for bedtime stories and sleep.


Key Takeaways

  • Our child's house bed selection reinvents comfort with imaginative designs kids will adore.
  • Every house bed is an investment in your child's happiness and bedroom aesthetics.
  • Choose bedroom furniture that facilitates sweet dreams and endless play.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cosy upgrades with added convenience like free UK delivery.
  • Our range of children's bedroom furniture is built to captivate and inspire young minds.
  • Rest assured with secure, stylish, and snug kids' beds designed for ultimate comfort.

Discover the Charm of a Child's House Bed for Your Little One

In our unique range of kids house beds, we find that the Bambizi method has given rise to designs that cherish a child's independence while ensuring their bedroom remains a sanctuary of delight and imagination. Whether it's a floor bed that promotes freedom or a solid wood bunk bed that saves space, our selection caters to every family's needs.

How a House Bed Can Transform Your Child's Sleep Sanctuary

The allure of a kids bed designed as a wooden house can transform a mundane bedroom into a vibrant play space. It encourages imaginative play during the day and serves as a cosy retreat at night. With designs ranging from a simple, Scandinavian-inspired wooden bed frame to a playful bunk bed, there's something to allure every dreamer.

Selecting the Right Bed Frame and Mattress for Comfort and Safety

Choosing the right bed frame and mattress is paramount for your child's wellbeing. We offer an array of mattresses, from the supple foam mattress for the littlest ones to the supportive memory foam for older children. Each bed base is designed to fit seamlessly with our mattresses, ensuring comfort alongside a stylish silhouette.

Bed Type Material Recommended Mattress Design Feature
Montessori Bed Solid Pine Wood Foam Mattress Low to the ground, facilitating easy access
Kids House Bed Wooden Bed Frame Memory Foam Enclosed frame for a cosy feel
Bunk Bed Sturdy Wood Foam or Memory Foam Space-saving design with a fun twist
Toddler Bed Solid Pine Wood Foam Mattress Fits within smaller spaces, perfect for transition

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect House Bed for Kids

As we explore options to create dreamlike bedrooms for our little ones, the search for the ideal kids bed can be both exciting and daunting. Understanding the variety of choices like the classic single bed, the adventurous bunk bed or a dreamy canopy bed frame is essential. Let's delve into the world of enchanting sleep spaces that promise more than just rest.

Factors to Consider:

  • Design Preferences: Whether it's a whimsical Montessori house or a sturdy cabin bed, the design sets the stage for your child's imagination.
  • Space Availability: The bed should harmonise with the bedroom size. A bed with ladder might suit a spacious room, while a compact pine wood frame bed is great for smaller areas.
  • Child's Age: Choose a bed house bed appropriate for your child's development stage, from toddler to school-age.

European bed sizes are commonly adaptable, with 90x200cm or 70x140cm fitting most mattress sizes, ensuring that these beds integrate smoothly into a variety of room layouts. When the time comes to buy kids house beds, the mattress choice, whether a standard single or a plush memory foam, is crucial for your child's night-time support and comfort.

Let's compare some popular children's house bed options:

Bed Type Key Features Ideal For
Single Bed Simplicity and versatility Toddlers and young children
Bunk Bed with Storage Space-saving with extra storage Rooms shared by siblings
Cabin Bed Compact design, often with built-in desks or drawers Small spaces needing maximised functionality
Bed with Ladder Adventure-inspired, elevated sleeping space Older children seeking a fun climb to sleep
Canopy Bed Frame Charming detail for thematic decor Children who dream of fairytale settings
childs carousel luxury bed
Create an image of a child's house bed nestled in a cosy bedroom, surrounded by soft pastel colours and stuffed animals such as our toddler carousel bed. The bed should be the focal point, with its charming design featuring a peaked roof, steps, and two handcrafted horses. The bedding should be simple and neutral, with a few pops of colour in throw pillows or blankets. The room should feel inviting and calming, with natural light filtering in through the windows and plants adding a touch of greenery.


Above all, we recommend ensuring that the bed frame, especially if choosing a wooden frame, is composed of high-quality materials, promising durability and timeless charm. With our guide, we hope to make your journey to find the perfect children's house bed a delightful one.

Child's House Bed: Combining Fun, Functionality, and Style

A child’s bedroom is a special place where comfort meets creativity, and our house beds are designed to foster this magical blend. Each bed presents a splendid balance of fun features and practicality, transforming sleeping spaces into charming play areas that capture the essence of childhood wonder.

Creative Design Options: From Treehouse to Cabin Bed

Our range includes everything from the adventurous treehouse bed, which brings the spirit of the outdoors inside, to the multifunctional cabin bed, complete with cozy nooks and crannies for restful slumber. The joy a treehouse brings can now be experienced every night, instilling serene sleep under imaginative canopies of leaves and branches.

Incorporating Storage Solutions with Built-in Drawers and Shelves

We understand that space can be at a premium in your little one's room. That's why many of our models come with integrated storage drawers or shelving within the bed frame, helping you make the most of every square inch. From hiding toys in a trundle bed drawer to stocking books on a bedroom shelf, we've thought of everything to keep the clutter at bay.

Personalising Your Child's Playhouse: Adding a Touch of Magic

Your child’s house bed is more than a piece of furniture; it’s a canvas for imagination. Add a delightful tent bed canopy or hang twinkling fairy lights for that enchanted sparkle. Painting a wooden bed frame in white and natural hues can blend with or stand out from the rest of the bedroom decor, depending on your stylistic quest.

Design Feature Description Benefits
Treehouse Bed An elevated bed designed to mimic a treehouse structure. Encourages imagination; fun play area.
Cabin Bed with Trundle A cozy bed with an extra pull-out bed for guests. Space-saving; perfect for sleepovers.
Bunk Bed with Storage Bunk beds designed with drawers and shelves. Maximises vertical space; ideal for shared rooms.
Wooden Frame with Customisation Options A traditional bed frame that can be painted or styled. Offers a unique personalised touch.


In our quest to make bedtime an adventure every night, our range of beds for kids marries curiosity with craftsmanship. Whether a single bed or a floor bed, each is a cherished play house that promises sweet dreams and tidy rooms.

Inspiring Bedroom Ideas Featuring Kids House Beds

We understand the magic that a thoughtfully designed children’s bedroom can bring into a young life. At the heart of such a space often lies a children’s house bed, a centrepiece that embodies comfort, adventure, and creativity. These kid’s house beds not only provide a snug spot for rest but also serve as a playhouse, nurturing the seeds of imagination.

Envisage a room where wooden children’s bedroom furniture complements the rustic charm of a house bed, each piece resonating with the themes of nature and discovery. It’s our pleasure to curate bedrooms that radiate a sense of cosiness and wonder, perfectly tailored to be a cosy upgrade in your child’s life.


Allow us to guide you through the essential elements that will make your children's bedroom a bastion of youthful exuberance and restful slumber:

  • Children's House Bed: A sturdy, wooden frame designed to echo the warmth of a country cottage.
  • Bedroom Decor: Soft, ambient lighting and whimsical wall art to inspire dream journeys.
  • Children's Bedroom Furniture: Storage solutions that are as playful as they are practical.
Feature Description Benefits
Material Premium Solid Wood Durability and longevity for a lasting cosy upgrade
Design Children’s House Encourages play and imagination, doubling as a bed for children
Accessories Canopies and Cushions Adds softness and comfort, enhancing the bedroom decor

In creating an enchanting children's bedroom, we revel in the details. We believe that the right bedroom furniture can be both a refuge and a realm of adventure for your child. For more insights and assistance in selecting the ideal children's house bed and complementary decor, stay tuned for our forthcoming sections.

Optimising Space with the Perfect Childs House Bed

Understanding the value of space optimisation in your child's bedroom is vital in creating an area conducive for rest, play, and personal growth. Our commitment is to provide beds that are not only emotionally resonant for children but are pragmatically suited to the space you have available.

The Advantages of Floor Beds: Montessori Principles at Play

With Montessori principles at the heart of our approach, our range of floor beds are designed to support your child's development of independence. A Montessori floor bed allows for safe exploration, easily accessed by children, and encourages their autonomy without the constraints of traditional bed frames.

Sizing Up: Ensuring Your Choice Fits Your Child's Room Perfectly

Selecting the right bed size is crucial for the overall utility and aesthetic of your child's room. Whether you're considering a european single for compact areas, or a bunk bed with stairs to utilise vertical space, taking detailed measurements of the room is a step we highly recommend to ensure the perfect fit.

Material Matters: The Benefits of Solid Pine Wood Frames

A solid pine wood frame is at the core of a durable and visually appealing bed for children. The wooden frame, natural and robust, can be finished in white and natural tones, providing a timeless look that blends seamlessly with any decor. It's important that the pine wood frame supports a slatted bed base and accommodates a memory foam or foam mattress to combine style with comfort.

Feature Description Benefits
Floor Bed Design Low-height bed based on Montessori principles Encourages independence, easy access for children
Solid Pine Wood Durable wooden frames with natural finishes Robustness, longevity, and aesthetic appeal
Space-Efficient Structure Options include European single and bunk beds with stairs Maximises use of bedroom area, storage optimisation
Personalised Fit Assortment of bed sizes available Ensures a perfect fit for your child's room dimensions
Mattress Compatibility Support for memory foam or foam mattresses on a slatted frame Provides comfort and support for a good night's sleep

We believe in incorporating Montessori principles into elegant designs, providing space optimisation with beds that will transform your child's room into a sanctuary for both rest and imaginative play. Choosing a childs house bed with us ensures that you receive a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and style, tailored to your little one's needs.


The journey through the enchanting world of children's house beds culminates here, but it's just the beginning for creating your little one's dream bedroom. We've explored a variety of beds that merge imagination with practicality, ensuring the nightly retreat is as comforting as it is captivating. From the classic charm of a pine wood frame to inventive designs like the gaming bed and midsleeper, our collection addresses a spectrum of desires and needs.

Your Child's Dream Bedroom is Just a House Bed Away

Nothing quite encapsulates the spirit of a child's bedroom like a house bed frame, offering both a space for rest and a canvas for creativity. Tailored to fit snugly in rooms of any size, including the standard 90 x 200 cm, these beds lay the foundation for a cosy upgrade that kids will love. The delight of a new bed that doubles as a personal play area can be transformative, fostering a sense of ownership and sparking joy in your child's daily routine.

Embrace the Cosy Upgrade with a House Bed Your Kids Will Love

In selecting the perfect bedroom furniture, the sturdiness of a solid pine wood frame is as crucial as the whimsical theme that encapsulates a child's fantasy. Whether it's the structure of slats supporting a dreaming child, the utility of a cot evolving with them, or the thrilling novelty of a bed base serving as a castle or a spaceship, our range presents durability matched with dreams. Embrace the upgrade and give your children not just a new bed data-mce-fragment="1"> but a beloved sanctuary where memories will flourish.


What makes a child's house bed a cosy upgrade for a bedroom?

A child's house bed is designed to be a comfortable and inviting space where kids can sleep and play. It often features fun design elements that spark imagination and contribute to a nurturing environment. With the right mattress and bed frame, it also provides essential support for a restful sleep, making it a cosy and inviting upgrade to any child's bedroom.

Can a house bed fit into a Montessori-styled bedroom?

Absolutely, house beds are an excellent choice for Montessori-styled bedrooms. They are typically designed to be low to the ground, which aligns with Montessori principles of promoting independence and freedom of movement for children. This design encourages autonomy and a sense of security for kids in their personal sleep spaces.

How do I select the right mattress for my child's house bed?

When choosing a mattress for your child's house bed, ensure that it fits the bed frame perfectly and provides the right balance of comfort and support. You can choose between foam or memory foam mattresses, considering your child's needs for comfort and the durability of the mattress. Also, look for one that offers a combination of firm support and a soft top for a sound sleep.

Are there different types of kids house beds?

Yes, there's a wide variety of kids house beds to choose from, ranging from single beds suitable for toddlers to bunk house beds for older children, as well as options like canopy bed frames for a touch of magic. You'll find beds in various styles and sizes, including European single dimensions, along with beds designed with ladders, storage options, and even Montessori floor beds.

What design features can I expect in a child's house bed?

Child's house beds often come with creative design features like a treehouse or cabin bed styles, along with functional elements such as built-in drawers or shelves for storage. Personalisation options such as curtains for a tent effect, or the choice of a colour scheme to match the bedroom decor, make these beds a unique statement in any child's bedroom.

How can a house bed transform my child's bedroom into a playhouse?

A house bed doubles as a playful space for your child. The design of the bed frame can inspire imaginative play as it often resembles a playhouse or treehouse. Adding accessories like themed bedding, canopies, or soft lighting can further enhance the bed's playhouse quality, making your child's bedroom a fun and welcoming space both for sleep and play.

Why is solid pine wood recommended for house beds?

Solid pine wood is recommended for house beds due to its durability and sturdy nature. It’s a reliable material that provides a solid foundation for the bed, ensuring safety for your child. Additionally, pine wood has a timeless appeal and can be easily customised with different finishes to complement any bedroom decor.

What should I consider when optimising space with a house bed?

When optimising space with a house bed, consider the size of the room and the bed to ensure they are compatible. PGEgaHJlZj0iaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaGFybGlzb24uY28udWsvY29sbGVjdGlvbnMvdG9kZGxlci1iZWRzIj5Ub2RkbGVyIEZsb29yIGJlZHM8L2E+IGNhbiBiZSBncmVhdCBzcGFjZSBzYXZlcnMgZm9yIHNtYWxsZXIgcm9vbXMsIHdoaWxlIGJlZHMgd2l0aCBidWlsdC1pbiBzdG9yYWdlIGNhbiBtYXhpbWlzZSB0aGUgYXZhaWxhYmxlIHNwYWNl. Also, consider raised beds with ladders or bunk beds with stairs if you are looking to save floor space while adding a fun element to the room.

Does a house bed require a specific type of bed base?

Most house beds are designed to support a slatted bed base, which provides adequate ventilation for the mattress and ensures it remains in good condition. The type of bed base you choose should match the bed frame and be sturdy enough to support the mattress and your child comfortably.

How can I personalise my child's house bed for a cosy upgrade?

Personalising your child's house bed is all about adding those little touches that make it unique to their preferences. Choose from playful curtains, colourful bedding, or themed pillows that reflect their interests. You can also consider painting the wooden frame to match the bedroom's colour scheme or adding a canopy for a little extra magic and comfort.

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