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What pram does Molly Mae have?

In a whirlwind of style and grace, Molly-Mae Hague, the beloved former Love Island star turned home-and-beauty influencer boasting social media platforms with nearly 7 million followers, has once again captured the hearts of her millions of followers with her latest baby gear choice for her baby girl. The arrival of her bundle of joy, daughter Bambi, in late January alongside partner, the dashing boxer Tommy Fury, has marked a new chapter in Molly-Mae's life, transforming her into a bona fide #Mumfluencer.

The Bambi Buzz:

Molly-Mae's influence as a new mum of her first baby on parents around the world has been nothing short of remarkable. First, it was the awe-inspiring clear acrylic cots showcased on her Instagram, turning heads and setting trends. Now, after being seen with this new addition and with the spotlight on her cherished iCandy Peach 7 pram, the demand has skyrocketed, with eager parents joining a waiting list to snag this coveted ride for their little ones.

A Glimpse of Glamour:

A recent addition to Molly-Mae's Instagram Story revealed her strolling effortlessly with Bambi in a cream-colored buggy adorned with a hint of golden metallic brilliance, all while clutching a life-saving cup of java (we've all been there!). It's a snapshot of real-life elegance and motherhood melding seamlessly.

The Grid-Worthy Moment:

A subsequent post on Molly-Mae's Instagram grid captured a heart-melting scene: baby Bambi cozily nestled in the pushchair, wrapped in a fluffy white onesie and snuggled under an endearing elephant blanket. It's a visual symphony of tenderness and warmth that strikes a chord with every parent's heart.

The iCandy Peach 7 Phenomenon:

Many eagle-eyed fans would have noticed Molly-Mae's choice of the iCandy Peach 7, a pushchair already cherished for its blend of functionality and style. Yet, Molly-Mae and her precious Bambi have the distinct honor of being the world's first to showcase this new addition to the Peach 7 family, in the enchanting shade of Biscotti—a privilege thanks to her collaboration with the brand.

Unveiling the Ultimate Pushchair:

Dubbed the 'ultimate pushchair for first-time parents', the iCandy Peach 7 (with an RRP of £1,099) is more than a stroller—it's a complete travel system designed to support your child up to 25kg. With a robust frame and trusty puncture-proof tires, it promises a smooth ride with the grace of a ballet dancer.

A Haven for Newborns:

The spacious carrycot of the Peach 7 cradles your little one from birth, providing a cocoon of comfort fit for the sweetest dreams. It's not just for daytime strolls; it's also a sanctuary for serene slumber, perfect for overnight stays.

Wrapped in Luxury:

The pushchair boasts premium knitted jersey fabrics, offering softness and sophistication in equal measure. It's a cocoon of modern luxury that pampers your baby with every ride.

Colorful Dreams Ahead with new colourways:

Spring 2023 will bring a palette of new colourways to the Peach 7 family: Biscotti, Cookie, Cobalt, and Blush. Each hue promises to infuse a dash of personality into your parenting journey, allowing you to express your unique style.

New Mum Molly-Mae Hague Seal of Approval:

In her own words, Molly-Mae exclaims, 'I’m so excited to be working with iCandy and to be using the new Peach 7 in Biscotti as our first ever pushchair, it suits our family so well.' Her endorsement speaks volumes about the seamless blend of fashion and functionality that the Peach 7 offers.

The Race for Biscotti Bliss:

With over 1,000 eager parents clamoring for the coveted Biscotti Peach 7, iCandy has responded swiftly, opening up pre-orders ahead of schedule for the complete bundle (RRP: £1,199.00). Secure your spot on the forefront of parenting style by pre-ordering yours now.

What Other Prams Rival the iCandy Peach 7?

The iCandy Peach 7 is a fantastic choice, but there are several other prams on the market that offer similar features and style. Here are a few prams that rival the iCandy Peach 7:

  1. Bugaboo Cameleon 3: Known for its versatility and smooth maneuverability, the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 offers a sleek and modern design. It's suitable from birth to toddlerhood and offers various customization options.

  2. Mee-go Milano Swarovski Limited Edition: The Mee-go Milano Swarovski Limited Edition will certainly make a statement when you’re out and about with its stunning looks and attention to detail. Available in three colour options, 2 have black faux leather fabrics, the other has a perfect white leatherette fabric. Both the Swarovski Silver on Black and Silver on White are set off beautifully on a silver chassis, whist the Swarovski Rose Gold on Black makes a real statement with its stunning Rose Gold chassis. All are embellished in colour matching Swarovski crystals, with approximately 2000 Swarovski crystals placed and attached by hand. Having stunning looks doesn’t mean a compromise on functionality. The Swarovski Limited Editions are well equipped with lots of practical features to help you travel with your little one simply and easily
  3. Silver Cross Wave: This pram is known for its elegant design and ability to convert into a double stroller, making it ideal for growing families. It offers a smooth ride and a range of stylish color options.

  4. Uppababy Vista V2: The Uppababy Vista V2 is known for its excellent suspension and large storage basket. It can also convert to a double stroller and comes with various configurations to suit different needs.

  5. Venicci - Upline Stone Beige Pram: This model is perfect for demanding parents. It impresses with its innovative solutions such as the ability to remove the carrycot or seat unit using just one hand due to the memory buttons. To ensure comfort for both mums and their babies the 3Up System has been applied, which means you can adjust the position of the seat unit’s hood, headrest and harness with one hand
  6. Stokke Xplory: The Stokke Xplory is recognized for its unique height-adjustable seat, allowing for better interaction between parent and child. It's a sleek and stylish option for urban environments.

  7. Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle: Designed for off-road adventures, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is a durable and versatile pram that can handle various terrains. It's a great option for active parents.

  8. Cybex Priam: This pram is known for its modern design and high-quality materials. It offers excellent maneuverability and is compatible with various infant car seats.

  9. Mima Xari: The Mima Xari is a luxury pram with a sleek and futuristic design. It offers a unique carrycot that can be converted into a stylish seat unit as your child grows.

  10. Quinny Moodd: The Quinny Moodd is a stylish and compact pram known for its easy fold mechanism. It's a great option for urban parents looking for convenience and style.

  11. Baby Jogger City Select: This pram is highly versatile and can be configured to carry one or two children. It's known for its easy folding mechanism and large storage options.

Remember to consider factors like your lifestyle, the terrain you'll be navigating, and your specific needs when choosing a pram. Test-driving and researching reviews can also help you find the perfect pram for your family.


Molly-Mae Hague's journey into motherhood is a tapestry of style, warmth, and modern elegance. With the iCandy Peach 7 in tow, she's setting a new standard for parenting gear, leaving a trail of inspired parents in her wake. Join the revolution and embark on your own trendsetting parenting journey with the iCandy Peach 7—it's a ride in Biscotti bliss that you and your little one will cherish for years to come.

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