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Bentley Balance Bike Dragon Red

Bentley Balance Bike Dragon Red

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Designed in partnership with Bentley Motors LTD, these Bentley Balance bikes embody the same attention to detail and spellbinding style that the company is famous for. The Magnesium frame draws inspiration from the sleek lines of Bentley vehicles, while the engraved Bentley logo, eco-leather seats, and carbon pattern front spokes imbue the luxurious heritage of the Bentley brand.

The Bentley Balance Bike has been meticulously engineered to provide a comfortable, safe and effortlessly stylish ride for little ones. Available in, Onyx Black and Glacier White, Sequin Blue and Glacier White, Dragon Red and Glacier White, the bike is influenced by the aerodynamic design of the iconic Bentley Continental GT, with its lightweight magnesium alloy frame.

Despite being lightweight, the frame can support up to 35kg, making the bike a portable and practical choice for growing children aged 3 years and up. Distinctive Bentley features include diamond-quilted adjustable handlebars and an eco-leather seat with a distinctive carbon-fibre pattern.


Bentley Balance Bike is suitable for children over 3 years old.

Minimum Bentley Balance Bike seat height is 37 cm and maximum height is 43 cm.

The new Bentley Balance Bike frame is made from magnesium alloy and is capable to hold maximum weight of 35 kg.

Adjustable black eco-leather seat with white stitching.

High quality aluminium rims with 12-inch inflatable rubber tyres with tread

Bentley Balance Bike is equipped with adjustable opposed piston type cable disc brake in 140 mm diameter.

Front steel fork with carbon fibre painting

Adjustable steering wheel equipped with ergonomic rubber handles which protects children hands when falling.


Bentley Balance Bike Weight – 4.55 kg.

Bentley Balance Bike Size – 92 x 16 x 42,5 cm
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